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saijyoukai katatebanashino ego

Hello, and welcome to Social Riot, the TFL approved fanlisting for the completely astounding Japanese band The Gazette. Formed in early 2002, the band is one of the more popular visual kei bands, even gaining themselves a large international following - all for good reason. If you are a fan of this amazing band, please join their fanlisting! :)
Social Riot was last updated on February 23rd 2019 with a total member count of 1156(+0 pending) from 68 countries. Welcome Kira to the list! Listing powered by Enthusiast.
The current version is number one. It was designed with nostalgic, retro methods in mind. This is the style I designed websites when I listened to the Gazette in the past, so this design is quite sentimental to me. It is a reminder of how much the Gazette influenced me in my past. Resources: Hybrid Genesis & FEEL.